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My experience of the Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse

I have my own reasons for Liver cleansing, such as a history of Liver/Gallstones in my family but I firmly believe it is a tool which can benefit almost anyone. So far I have performed 5 flushes over a course of about 18 months/2 yrs and my own experience has been pretty much ‘textbook’. If you have alot of congestion, it is common not to get many stones out during the first few flushes which is exactly what happened with myself.

My first exeprience of the cleanse was difficult, mainly because of my lack of knowledge regarding vegan diet, which resulted in me starving myself unnecessarily and by the end of the cleanse I had actually lost a couple of stones!! So my first suggestions would be if you don’t normally eat like this, to plan out all your meals (including snacks) or you may be likely to either abandon the cleanse, just be hungry and depressed or both! Also not eating properly meant that the fasting part was particuarly difficult because by this time I was probably lacking nutrients and this left me feeling weak (and looking a bit rough apparently!)

Despite not feeling great I had come so far and was determined to follow through with the cleansing, which I followed to the letter. Drinking the olive oil and grapefruit mixture was easy as it was watery and just like drinking slightly warm grapefruit juice. The toughest part was drinking the last portion of epsom salts (which is the last thing you would want to drink first thing in the morning)! The actual results were a little disappointing as I only passed some (less than 10) tiny tiny bright green stones, and the acids I passed really burned my bum on the way out! By the time I was allowed to have a little something to eat and drink, already I was starting to feel pretty good with more energy than before. The book recommends having a colonic (colon cleanse) before and after each flush, but even before I’d looked at prices (£40-£70) or experienced one I’d decided this was a little excessive and had opted for just a follow-up one two days later. As it happens after 5 flushes and 4  colonics I’m still convinced just a follow-up colon cleanse is plenty for any man (or woman).

The day of the booking I went to see my colleague Ruth from Release Therapies in Leigh, and was VERY nervous to say the least. Luckily Ruth is very experienced and an absolute professional and I wouldn’t have been able to go through with it if she hadn’t been so calm and reassuring. The colonic itself is not at all painful, just very strange and I think I may have got a fit of the giggles for a few minutes, but that soon passed. For some reason I was expecting a rush of cold water up my bum, but the reality is its warmed exactly to body temp and you can barely feel it. By the end the truth is the experience had left me feeling a little violated and strange, but this was quickly replaced by feeling energised and with the clearest head I’d had in a very long time. The only other note I’ll mention is that you shouldn’t make the same mistake I did and try to rush off afterwards, take your time as you may need to go to the toilet once or twice at the end!

The second flush was perfomed around 3 months later. This time my diet had improved and I was able to eat more sensibly during the preceding week, so my energy was better going into the actual flush, however I had been left hungry on a few occaisions. Even during the fasting I had the energy to take my daughter to the park, but I wasn’t  good for much else later that evening. The flush itself again, was a little disappointing and I only passed around maybe 15 tiny green stones, but it was an improvement from the last time so I was encouraged to carry on trying. This was the only flush I didn’t follow-up with a colonic, and I have to say I didn’t feel as great as I had following the last time.

The third time was about 5 months afterwards, and by this time me and my partner Jen were eating vegan meals together reguarly so, my diet was even more sensible going into the actual cleanse and I wasn’t getting so weak or hungry anymore..but there was still a little room for improvement. The evening and morning of the flush had little to report other than I felt pretty good throughout and this time I passed around 30 small stones ranging from a tiny grain to about the size of a petit pois.

It may have been another 7 months until flush number four. This time I did it slightly differently, I planned out my next two flushes well in advance and made sure they were on a new moon (no moon), as apparently this is the best time to cleanse. The reason being is that when the moon is full out body retains too much water to cleanse effectively. In the week leading up to the flush I ate like a (vegan) King, and felt bloody fantastic even just from eating vegan for a day or two. By the time the fasting came I was feeling strong and energised and just carried on as usual, looking after kids, cleaning and tidying. This time the epsom salts kicked in right away for some reason and my bowels were completely clear by the time I went to bed that evening. I did actually make a mistake of not putting enough grapefruit in with the olive oil, and as I downed the mixture was acutely aware I was drinking oil and was VERY close to bringing it back up again!

The next morning, the floodgates opened. I passed stone after stone after stone! Ranging from sand like grains, to large rasins and even  a giant bugger the size of a squashed golf ball! I was shocked but relieved that I had carried on with it because I realised all those stones had been lodged inside of me somewhere causing me harm! I carried on passing large stones throughout the day, but again felt fantastic. My shoulders felt incredibly relaxed my spine felt supple and my energy was through the roof! (Colonics by this point are a very civilised 30 minutes afair) Little did I know that I was going to need ALL that energy….

The next flush was planned for about 5 weeks later. For about 4.5 of those weeks both my children and my partner had been struck down with swineflu, and my son was still waking several times a night anyways. So, I was going to work for about 10 hrs a day, doing all the housework when I got home, looking after all 3 of of them AND doing the nightshift. There was no way I would have made it that long without getting sick if I hadn’t cleansed previously! But I am only human and I was coming down with something by the time the next flush came around. I ached all over, I had a sore throat and didn’t feel great. It is not advised to go ahead with the flush if you are ill, but I went ahead anyway. Although I did actually feel much less ill in the days following the cleanse, nothing really seemd to work right, I barely passed anything (which may or may not be a sign that I was almost clear of stones), and I didn’t even seem to digest the olive oil properly. Needless to say FLUSHING WHEN ILL IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. The reason being is that you will overburden the lymphatic system with toxins, which it really doesn’t need when you are ill. I probably only got away with it because I had had such a good cleanse only a month previous.

I hope you find this article useful. If you follow the cleanse to the letter and take note of my ramblings then I am confident you will have no problems with the flush and will be taking huge steps to a healthier lifestyle.

If you would like to know more about colonics please contact Ruth Lloyd at Release Therapies on 07950 326677 or visit http://www.releasetherapies.com http://www.colonic-association.org/

This article was written by Alex J.P. Boylan owner of http://www.re-creation.org.uk

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