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Great Natural Cold and ‘flu Remedy

Great Natural Cold Remedy Here is a tried and tested natural cold & ‘flu remedy that gives ‘lemsip’ a run for it’s money any day of the week in my opinion… ½ teaspoon turmeric powder 2 or more thin slices of root ginger 1 teaspoon honey A generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice Just place […]

Self acupressure for headache

Maybe you’re someone who suffers from the typical stress/tension headache with vice like tension gripping the back of your neck and that unmistakable pain over one or both your eyes. Maybe you’re that acustomed to it happening that your hand automatically reaches for the paracetemol or asparin before it even reaches that point. Acupuncture is […]

Acupuncture works for CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)

In November 2007 a single blinded, randomized controlled study was designed and carried out to investigate the efficacy of acupuncture for treating  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). The trial invloved 99 participants who were then split into a ‘sham acupuncture’ control group and an acupuncture testing group. The test conducted over a 4 week period and the […]

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

This thing called stress, which most of us have experienced at some point and I’m sure many of you experience on a daily basis, what is it? What does it mean when someone says they are suffering from stress and anxiety? Stress and anxiety are symptoms of something underlying which is causing an imbalance in […]

Chronic Cystitis

Here is a recent testimonial from a client of mine who came to me with chronic cystitis, who’s symptoms were getting worse using conventional medicine. “I originally came to visit Alex nearly a year ago, having suffered from chronic Cystitis for the best part of a year. I  found I was taking antibiotics on a […]

Inducing a baby with acupuncture

Having become somewhat of a musculo-skeletal specialist in the last few years, the majority of my clients are naturally those seeking relief from chronic and acute painful conditions relating to musculo-skeletal dysfunction, nerve issues, postural problems and bulging/prolapsed discs. It’s not that I don’t enjoy every minute of these treatments, but it always puts a […]

Computer Related Shoulder Pain

Is Computer Related Shoulder Pain a genuine syndrome? If it isn’t now then it might as well  be. Shoulder, neck and back problems suffered by those who use computers for long hours are probably the most frequent  musculo-skeletal issue seen in my office and probably in many of my colleagues clinics as well. The most common […]

Is your headache really a pain in the bum?

Our bodies are always striving to stay in balanace, in fact our structural body IS in fact always in balance, or we wouldn’t be able to stand up without falling over. That doesn’t mean that we are always problem or pain-free however. The human body is what is reffered to as a tensegrity model, which […]

What makes a great massage?

Most people in touch with complementary therapies have had massage, and most of those will have experienced good massage and unfortunately many have sampled a bad massage. To anyone, the £30-£60 you might spend on one might seem like alot of money, but have a great massage and it is an investment, we’re relaxed yet […]

My experience of the Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse

I have my own reasons for Liver cleansing, such as a history of Liver/Gallstones in my family but I firmly believe it is a tool which can benefit almost anyone. So far I have performed 5 flushes over a course of about 18 months/2 yrs and my own experience has been pretty much ‘textbook’. If […]