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"Alex has the knowledge, abilities and commitment to be an expert in his field. I would recommend Alex unreservedly." [read more]


"I came to see Alex with intense and acute neck pain...5 minutes later I was pain free!"          [read more]


"I cannot recommend him too highly..."[read more ]


"I will be forever grateful to Alex for giving me back my quality of life..." [read more]


"I felt I was in the hands of someone trustworthy and professional." [read more]


"My sessions with Alex have lead to a remarkable improvement..." [read more]





TMJ & Tinnitus

Post viral/Chronic fatigue

Shoulder pain/post viral fatigue/well being

Fatigue/stress/well being

Chronic Back, Neck Pain & Sciatica

Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain

Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck problems

Anxiety, Headaches, Pain

Constant Headache, blocked ear & shoulder/arm pain

Insomnia, neck and shoulder problem, pain down arm

Migraine headache and stress

Back/neck/shoulder pain & pain down arm

Stress Anxiety

Acute Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Chron’s Disease

Severe muscular pain and stiffness

Poor sleep, fatigue & IBS

Fractured Achilles tendon and Achilles tendonitis

These are just a few of the recent successes at this clinic and a small variety of what has been treated. If you are unsure about beginning a course of treatment, all potential clients are invited to a no-obligation chat, so you may learn a little more about treatment and ask any questions you may have.

Discoid eczema

Acute neck pain

Shoulder injury from playing rugby

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Injury from car accident

Shoulder pain, post-viral fatigue, well being

Fatigue, Stress well being

Severe acute back problem during pregnancy & morning sickness

Back-ache, numbness & tingling in arms and legs

Body balancing, injury prevention, knee & hip problems

Prolapsed disc in lower back and inflammatory arthritis in hip

Back and neck problems

Achilles tendonitis

Football injury, hip and knee problems

Sports massage and sports injury

Painful clicking in ankle – snowboarding injury

Back problem, groin pain/strain

Chronic neck & shoulder pain. Acupressure & Reiki no-acupuncture

Massage for scoliosis back/neck pain

Computer-related shoulder pain

Arthritis in hand, knee and foot


Damaged ligaments, stiff & painful knee and ankle

Sports Injury and stress relief

Football injuries – Deep tissue massage

Acid reflux, Stomach pain, Toothache