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"Alex has the knowledge, abilities and commitment to be an expert in his field. I would recommend Alex unreservedly." [read more]


"I came to see Alex with intense and acute neck pain...5 minutes later I was pain free!"          [read more]


"I cannot recommend him too highly..."[read more ]


"I will be forever grateful to Alex for giving me back my quality of life..." [read more]


"I felt I was in the hands of someone trustworthy and professional." [read more]


"My sessions with Alex have lead to a remarkable improvement..." [read more]




Chronic neck, back pain and sciatica

I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain now for almost 25 years I have been to see many therapists such as,  chiropractor’s,  osteopaths, healers, physiotherapists, and lots of different types of massage, none of which has ever had any real long term affect, I decided to try Alex Boylan  about six months ago I had never tried an Acupuncturists mainly because of a fear of needles  However when I met Alex he made me feel very safe and comfortable  he listens to you and explains to you what he is going to do and ,  I was very impressed by his knowledge and confidence in his work after my first session with him  I still was not sure if he could make any real difference to my pain,  I decided  to have a few more sessions with Alex and was starting to feel much better than I had felt for years I was not noticing my pain for the first time as it is always there it seemed to fade  away also my energy levels improved and I was sleeping much better  for the first time in many years.  Alex is the only person who successfully cured my sciatica in just two sessions I was going to my physio therapist recommended by my  doctor for 18 weeks with sciatica and it did not improve at all in that time , I would highly recommend Alex  to anyone  he is a dedicated sincere professional  with unlimited knowledge about the human body and how to treat it.   
Valerie Lovell

Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain

After struggling with my back, neck and shoulder on and off for almost a year, I visited Alex who not only fixed the problem but six months on and I have no further complaints. I would recommend Alex to anyone. He provides a relaxed, warm and welcoming environment and it is ever apparent how much he cares about the work he delivers; considering the patient and the lifestyle as a ‘whole’. Thankyou, Alex!KL

  Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck problems

I have been living with sciatic pain for about 10 years and I eventually got used to the idea of sharing my life with the pain. Unfortunately I hurt my lower back during a 5K run, I was devastated, I had to rest in bed for a whole week taking the maximum amount of painkillers that the body could accept. I could not see any sign of recovery, then I started going to see Alex and within two sessions I was able to deal with my daily routine and 3 months from then I am running 10k in 1 hour!
Alex has brought my life back on track, no lower back or sciatic pain, and for the first time in a long time I don’t need painkillers to have a normal life. Thank you very much Alex.


  Back/neck/shoulder pain & pain down arm

“I have suffered with a neck problem – stemming from an old sports injury and exacerbated by a stressful lifestyle – for several years. The pain in my neck, upper back, shoulders and arms was, at times, unbearable. Having attended
numerous chiropractors and physiotherapists with varying levels of relief, I decided, on a recommendation from a friend, to try acupuncture. After four consultations with Alex, the improvement was amazing. Whilst I don’t honestly whether my condition will ever be fully cured – only time will tell – I do know that I no longer suffer the debilitating pain. I continue to visit Alex on a monthly basis and would recommend him to anybody suffering with a similar

Gary Jenkins