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"Alex has the knowledge, abilities and commitment to be an expert in his field. I would recommend Alex unreservedly." [read more]


"I came to see Alex with intense and acute neck pain...5 minutes later I was pain free!"          [read more]


"I cannot recommend him too highly..."[read more ]


"I will be forever grateful to Alex for giving me back my quality of life..." [read more]


"I felt I was in the hands of someone trustworthy and professional." [read more]


"My sessions with Alex have lead to a remarkable improvement..." [read more]




Anxiety, Headaches, Pain

I originally went to see Alex at Re-creation for a deep tissue massage after searching through numerous websites.  I found Alex’s techniques/combination of skills impressed me the most.  I proceeded to have an informal chat with Alex about the constant discomfort I had been experiencing for many months which presented itself in the form of daily tension/muscle contraction headaches with associated arm strain. Alex listened attentively as I explained how the constant discomfort caused by these persistent headaches depleted my energy levels, interrupted by sleep and dramatically lowered my mood which in turn caused a considerable amount of anxiety and stress. I was struggling at work as the dull ache/weakness experienced in both my arms made computer usage difficult.  I also started to experience a number of stress related physical and emotional symptoms such as jaw/facial tension, restlessness, a constant lump/tightness in my throat, tingling sensations in my legs and frequent stomach upsets all of which were further fuelling the anxiety cycle .

Alex suggested that I try some acupuncture and combined this with various techniques to treat the numerous symptoms I’d been experiencing these included; physical manipulation to ease the strain and tension in my shoulder/neck muscles and massage therapy. Alex also showed me some valuable relaxation/breathing techniques to aid in combating stress.

I’ve now been having treatments with Alex for months and can honestly say I feel like a different person, my headaches are much less severe with decreased longevity, my stress levels have lowered dramatically, the stress related symptoms disappeared after just a couple of treatments and my overall health and resilience has greatly improved.  I haven’t touched a single painkiller for months. 

I would highly recommend Alex and have already done so to friends/colleagues as I believe he is a talented professional with a kind and caring manner not to mention his varied skills and the confidence he demonstrates in his field; I therefore fully intend to continue with further treatments in the future. 
Much appreciated Alex…
RC – Manchester


Constant Headache, blocked ear & shoulder/arm pain

” I initially went to Alex at Re-creation as a friend had bought me a gift voucher for acupuncture after suffering with severe headaches, a blocked ear, and shoulder pain for 4 months. Prior to this appointment I’d had 7/8 sessions with an Osteopath, seen my GP, and I was also referred to specialists. The specialists concluded that the problems were not related, my shoulder would require physio due to a muscle problem, and my head problems were possibly stress related. The Osteopath treatments eased the pain for a very short time, but I didn’t feel progression by the time my next appointment came.
At my initial consultation with Alex, I expressed my frustration, and general low feeling regards these problems, as I had suffered for months. I accepted from my GP that stress was a factor in some of the problems, but I just wanted the pain in my shoulder to go away, and wake up every morning headache free. I found Alex very approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate about his job and helping people like me back to full health.
Each treatment was focussed on the problem areas, and for the first time since November I had days without headaches. Initially the headaches would return, but the duration without headaches started to get longer. I have now been headache
free for over 2 weeks, and my shoulder has 98% movement from previous. I am completely grateful to Alex for the treatment and results, so much that I will be continuing to see him monthly for a general health/well being session.
The last thing I would say is, I wish I had visited him sooner.”
Helen. I (Manchester Central)


Migraine headache and stress

I had a few sessions of acupuncture a few years ago because of migraine and this was very helpful. Last year I started again to suffer from repeated strong headaches and migraines and decided to try acupuncture again. I booked a session with Alex at the “Well Being Centre” in Liverpool across the road from where I have been working, not knowing what to expect.

The treatment Alex provided over a few months has helped me to re-create the balance and inner peace that I had lost because of stress.  He offers a very calm, comfortable, relaxing and professional environment. He has a very attentive ear and is a very skilled therapist. He shows a lot of commitment and passion for what he is doing. It is more than an acupuncture session as general advice was also given on how to keep a good balance in my busy life.
I have definitely been very impressed and highly recommend Alex.
Thank you Alex.
Christine Toh


Insomnia, neck and shoulder problem, pain down arm

“Alex is well qualified and knowledgeable about his profession. When I went to him for a course of treatment he was able to explain clearly how he was going to treat me which I found  very useful.  As someone who had never had acupuncture before, I was quite anxious about it.  Alex put me at ease and combined with his expertise in physiotherapy and Chinese medical treatments, I felt I was in the hands of someone who was trustworthy and professional.  I would recommend his services to anyone who is seeking alternative treatments to ailments usually treated by conventional methods.” S.H.